Welcome to my ART TRANCE Gallery

I am a full time artist based in London.

In my art I am trying to express my vision of the harmony of our universe... I am trying to show the tranquility and brilliance of life and reveal the inner beauty and glory of nature in order to emphasize the magnificence of our presense in the world.

Moreover, in my creativity I am trying to share experiences that are beyond vision or its subject matter and can be felt as a 'core of sensation' that can include colours and shapes, both real or imagined.

The symbolic images of my art refer to my own spiritual and emotional experiences as well as to the inner analysis of people and life.

I studied Graphic Design and Multimedia Graphic Arts (Middlesex University, London) though I feel more passion to fine art.
My favotite medium remains oil on canvas, though I also like digital imaging, pastels, colour pencils and photography.

All of my artworks are available for comissions, either by originals or limited edition prints, so please feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing them.



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